Hi, I'm Ken. I'm a web & software developer, team lead, project manager, and social media manager with a background in business and industry analytical applications, smart lighting systems, as well as the film and cinema industry.

I've been involved in the creation of a range of different products across all kinds of industries and applications: a hardware-integrated lighting management and reporting platform installed across the world, a GPS-based fleet & driver management system for a major trucking company, 2D and 3D visualization and design tools, rostering, time tracking & wage calculation software, web stores, medical information systems, and a cinema industry box office statistical analysis tool.

My primary technologies for the past 10 years have been mostly-web related - PHP & JavaScript for web, JavaScript using nw.js for desktop, and JavaScript with Vue.js using NativeScript for mobile platforms, but I've also used a number of different programming languages such as C++, Java for Android, and others.

More recently I've rediscovered Python after a few years away from the language, and started some web development with Django (such as this portfolio).

I've also started developing some extensions for Chromium browsers which can be found on the Projects page or are coming soon.

If anyone is looking for a technical project manager, or a web & software developer, I am currently available. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss any projects!