The crazy things you see when hunting for a job....

May 15, 2020

I've been out of work for a while (partially by choice), and while I was casually looking before to see if anything interesting came up, recently I've started looking seriously again since the world is running in a sort of slow motion which blocks most of my own business plans.

And the thing that always amazes me is how many job listings I see that don't make sense!

I keep seeing job listings for front-end positions that require back-end tech like PHP or Node. Or back-end positions requiring front-end tech like AngularJS!

For anyone who doesn't know a great deal about this stuff, a rough analogy would be like hiring someone as a driver, but they have to know how to put the car together....

This is unfortunately what happens when companies delegate hiring tasks for technical positions to non-technical people. It really does undermine a potential candidate's trust that the position is what says it is.