Firedancer Software DNS issues

Aug. 11, 2023

So I've ended up with some major DNS issues on Firedancer Software that means the site has been down for 2+ days, and is instead showing a parked domain message from my hosting (or SSL/QUIC errors for some).

I'm kind of wondering if this is a sign that I should just shut it down this billing cycle anyway and not try to extend for another year.

I will think further on it as I diagnose the issues, and weigh up if the fix is worth more than the benefit of keeping the site up.


I've now got everything configured with a kind of convoluted DNS redirect which sends the main domain plus a few specific subdomains of Firedancer Software to a new landing page here describing what happened to the original site and where to find the content that has been migrated over. Hopefully soon I'll migrate a bit more and be done with it.

So going forward I plan to pay for one more year of the Firedancer Software domain name to keep the redirect to here active for a while longer, but I will let the hosting expire since I don't need it anymore.