What's going on in July to September

Aug. 9, 2023

The Brave FAQ is gone now. As I mentioned in my post a few months ago about future plans and downsizing I couldn't afford to keep it running due to long term unemployment. I have had some bits of work recently, but some is only temporary while the guy I'm replacing is on holidays, and some is likely to be ongoing work but there is no guarantee of regular hours so I can't fully rely on it.

As mentioned in that previous post I moved one page here which is my curated list of Brave verified charities and non-profits. I didn't see a need to move any other content here - I still have the knowledge, and can share it with anyone who needs via Reddit, which is mainly where I was linking people to the Brave FAQ anyways.

In about 6 weeks Firedancer Software's domain renewal is due…

I wanted to be ready to take the site down this year, but I really am not, and I don't think I can be ready in only 6 weeks. I could just let the domain renewal & hosting lapse and the site would go away, but that leaves anyone who might still be using my apps with no idea that they are now available here. Doing it properly requires me to update every single app hosted over there to point their in-built updater to this domain, then give users some time to update.

So while I really would like to shut Firedancer Software down this year and save myself the renewal cost, I think I will just have to suffer it for one more year to give me time to do the shutdown correctly.