Career History

Social Media Manager Gala Cinema


  • Generate advertising strategies to increase public awareness of the business
  • Manage social media channel advertising and business collaborations
  • Communicate with potential and existing clients

Manager & Projectionist Gala Cinema


  • Managed a small team in a fast-paced environment
  • Acted as primary point of contact for most communication channels
  • Maintained and repaired digital projectors, audio equipment, automation controllers, computers & networking infrastructure, and food preparation equipment
  • Developed internal software, procedures, and documentation to streamline workflows

Contract Cloud Developer & System Consultant Tridonic Austria


  • Redesigned system infrastructure for improved performance and scalability
  • Developed custom tools for testing and verifying potential system performance
  • Coordinated development of the redesigned server-side components
  • Acted as primary point of contact for existing system knowledge
  • Worked as part of a distributed Agile team across six timezones

Lead Cloud Developer Tridonic Australia


  • Created a cloud-based control & monitoring system for communication with DALI control gear
  • Developed interactive 3D applications with web-based technologies
  • Advised on the design of non-web components and system communication protocols
  • Assisted with the adoption of modern development tools & standards
  • Developed continuous integration and delivery solutions to streamline team processes
  • Worked as part of a distributed Agile team across three timezones

Web & Software Developer Neocom/DALI Lighting


  • Developed software for web, desktop, mobile, and embedded systems
  • Created accessible interfaces and layouts in a range of languages & programs
  • Liaised remotely and face-to-face to define client expectations
  • Managed public-facing websites, marketing content, and communication channels

Usher, Projectionist, Cashier & Manager Hoyts/Gala Cinemas


  • Served as primary point of contact for customers
  • Prepared food following safe food handling rules and regulations
  • Cleaned and maintained cinemas, public areas, and food preparation stations & equipment
  • Serviced and repaired film projectors, slide presenters, audio equipment, and other electrical and mechanical fittings & equipment
  • Managed the day-to-day running and servicing of films within a fast-paced and time sensitive environment
  • Designed, edited, and published weekly advertising media
  • Assisted in planning and rostering of staff