Firedancer Software's new home

Not exactly where you were expecting to end up? Sorry about that.

Unfortunately Firedancer Software had to be shutdown at very short notice in August 2023.

I had already planned to migrate everything important from that site to here, and thankfully progress was already underway, because the site ended up with some major DNS problems. So instead of going through the trouble of fixing the problems I took it as a sign that it was time to make the changeover, and I redirected everything here.


All of the apps from Firedancer Software can now be found on my software page. Please note that their built-in updaters will fail because they are still pointing at the Firedancer Software domain. I hope to have minor updates pushed out soon to fix this.

Witch's Brew

If you are looking for my game, Witch's Brew, which was hosted on Firedancer Software it is now available here.

Other content

Any other content or projects hosted as part of Firedancer Software will be unavailable for now. If there was something important there that you need access to please contact me about it and I will see what I can do.