Recent Projects

Custom Dice Builder screenshot
Custom Dice Builder

As someone interested in board game design there are times when I need to prototype custom dice. I have physical d…

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Legendary Encounters: Alien crew evaluator screenshot
Legendary Encounters: Alien crew evaluator

A partner project for my LE: Alien setup manager. This allows you to test different combinations of characters for…

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Legendary Encounters: Alien setup manager screenshot
Legendary Encounters: Alien setup manager

I'm a fairly avid board gamer, and some of the games I own require quite a bit of setup. So to ease that a little …

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Legendary Encounters: Predator setup manager screenshot
Legendary Encounters: Predator setup manager

Another setup manager for one of my board games. This time for Legendary Encounters: Predator. Source code can …

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Legendary Encounters: Firefly setup manager screenshot
Legendary Encounters: Firefly setup manager

Another board game setup manager, this time for Legendary Encounters: Firefly. Source code is available at http…

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BAT Ticker screenshot
BAT Ticker

A Chrome extension which shows the current value and 24h change of the cryptocurrency BAT in over 40 currencies. …

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Static Route Updater screenshot
Static Route Updater

A Python script to resolve a list of domain names to IP addresses, and set static routes to bypass your VPN for an…

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ABN Validator screenshot
ABN Validator

An interface for validating Australian Business Numbers. It makes use of a small open source library I started …

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Witch's Brew screenshot
Witch's Brew

A browser-based platformer game developed with Phaser 3. Currently it only supports playing with a keyboard and…

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Browser Notification Tester screenshot
Browser Notification Tester

A tool to help users determine if browser notifications are supported and working on their browser. This should…

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QR Code Generator screenshot
QR Code Generator

A quick and simple QR code generator with configurable foreground & background colours. The source is available…

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Australian Weekly Box Office screenshot
Australian Weekly Box Office

A single page web app compiling the Australian cinema industry's weekly box office figures from 2007 to now. Th…

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Developer Portfolio screenshot
Developer Portfolio

A showcase for my work in web and software development. I built this website both to fill a need, and to learn …

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Retired & Obsolete Projects

The Brave FAQ

A user guide and FAQ for Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token. Built using BookStack with some custom modifi…

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Tridonic connecDIM

System for control, management, and reporting of remote Tridonic DALI lighting installations via a centralized clo…

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Lighting Submission Manager

A project lifecycle management tool for energy-efficient lighting upgrades under an Australian government rebate s…

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Brave Ad Stats

An overview of the Brave ad catalog for a user's region, showing a breakdown of the available campaigns & ads by B…

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GPS Fleet Tracking Project

A truck and job tracking system featuring driver fatigue management and fleet management for a trucking company. …

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Driver Rostering System

A custom web app for rostering, tracking leave entitlements & usage, and calculating wages for a trucking comp…

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Cinema Staff Services

A web app for staff and management to handle availabilities, communications, and staff contact details. The sit…

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Invoice Builder

Custom web-app to streamline the creation of PDF invoices for a solar panel installation company. The user crea…

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Internal Mail Room Delivery App

Developed for the mail room of one of Australia's big banks. The app was used to track internal mail deliveries…

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