IPFinder will resolve any valid domain name to one or more associated IP addresses.

Please note that while a domain name may resolve to one (or more) IP addresses, the IP address(es) returned may not point directly to the same domain name. This can be seen with Google, as google.com, google.com.au and google.com.br (and likely some others) all resolve to different sets of IP addresses, but entering any of these IPs into a browser will take you to google.com.

Please note that the built-in update check will not work right now because the version DB file that it looks for does not currently exist due to the forced transition from the original site to this one. I hope to do something about this soon.

IPFinder is released under the GPL v3 licence.

The source code can be found at https://gitlab.com/kenherbert/ip-finder.

Latest release  2.3.0

Released Apr 08 2014

Downloaded 2228 times
Downloaded 1700 times

Command Line Parameters

Short Switch Long Switch Argument Effect
-h --help none Displays help on the command line parameters (console only)
-e --exportpath string: folder path The default location to which exported results will prompt to be saved
--portableappspath string: folder path The folder in which PortableApps browsers are installed

IPFinder does not support the / switch for command line parameters. You must use the – switch.