Privacy Policy

I am a strong supporter of anonymous, private, and secure browsing experiences. As such I don't add any cookies or other forms of tracking or hidden data retention for any purpose, to my site, except for logged in admin users (which is only me).

The platform on which I host this site does however log traffic, including IP address, the date & time at which you visit, the page(s) you view, and some basic details about your browser.

The external websites to which I link, the libraries I load from CDNs, or the sites from which I utilize embedded widgets are not governed by myself, and will have their own separate privacy policies. This includes the SoundCloud and PublishOx widgets on the About Me page which do set their own cookies, and the jQuery library which I load from a CDN on many pages.

The only data which is collected by myself is data you supply directly to me through my available communication channels. Any data you do choose to share with me is treated as securely as possible, however there may be third parties involved which will also have their own privacy and security standards (for example, email providers). These communications will not be shared by me, in whole or part, with any other parties except where required by law or other official necessity, or in the interest of further assisting you.