BitMaker is an interface for manipulating bitwise decimal numbers. It can handle 32-bit decimal values and includes support for custom profiles which can set the visibility and label for any or all bits.

BitMaker is ideal for working with bitwise permission systems and flag-based variables for software and web developers.

A sample profile can be found in the repo here.

Please note that the built-in update check will not work right now because the version DB file that it looks for does not currently exist due to the forced transition from the original site to this one. I hope to do something about this soon.

BitMaker is released under the GPL v3 licence.

The source code can be found at

Latest release  1.1.0

Released May 11 2013

Downloaded 1665 times
Downloaded 1295 times

Command Line Parameters

Short Switch Long Switch Argument Effect
-h --help none Displays help on the command line parameters (console only)
-c --configpath string: folder path The folder in which the config file is read and saved
-p --profilepath string: folder path The default folder from which profiles are loaded

Please note: BitMaker does not support the / switch for command line parameters. You must use the - switch.